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    Stop the spread! 24/7 PROTECTION WITH OZONE

    Eliminate Germs, Bacteria & Allergens

    As soon as typical sanitizers dry, the opportunity for bacteria and odors start all over again. Ozone Protectant is an antimicrobial surface treatment that works 24/7 for as long as three months.

    The Ozone System interrupts the three ways germs are transferred. In fact, every surface in your home becomes a bacteria-fighting part of infection control.  Bacteria and germs simply have no safe place to land, colonize, or spread.

    Harsh, toxic chemicals are commonly used to sanitize, but they don’t sanitize for very long. Ozone is not a chemical reaction.  It is a mechanical process for which there is no immunity. There is real value in Ozone’s antimicrobial power, odor removal, and allergen control that is found nowhere else. Ozone Protectant is the best antimicrobial surface treatment.

    Breathe better with Ozone Protectant!

    The Many Benefits of Ozone

    Need Immediate Mold Removal?

    Eleven Years

    We have over a decade of experience with Odor Elimination, Water Extraction, and Carpet Cleaning.


    Our natural, biodegradable formulas are free of harsh chemicals and enzymes, and leave no residue behind.

    Wide Coverage

    Based out of central MN, we serve a five state Area: Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

    Fast & Flexible

    Fast, hassle-free, flexible scheduling so we can help as soon as you need us, or whenever it fits best for you.


    Ozone Odor Elimination

    We use a fogging machine that applies a light misty fog in the area. It’s not a chemical reaction or cleaning process, instead ozone settles like a static shield on every surface. Humans cannot feel or detect the shield, but bacteria and microbes are helpless against it. Allergens die on contact, and any damaged bacteria are drawn back to the shield like moths to a flame. 

    Ozone Protectant destroys germs, bacteria, and allergens, eliminating irritants at their source. Because of the shield effect, bacteria and viruses are not able to multiply. This reduces the spread of disease and illness, and greatly improves indoor air quality.

    When an ozone treatment is administered, the ozone penetrates every surface. Every odor-causing element in contact with the generated ozone will be obliterated. After ozone treatment, your home or car will be completely void of the odor-causing bacteria, viruses, or germs.

    Ozone will protect your home or vehicle for up to three months.

    The molecules of ozone are unique in that one end strongly bonds to the surface where it is applied. The other end forms a type of razor wire that sticks straight out from the bond. Odor-causing bacteria, molds, mildew, and other microscopic organisms are statically drawn to these surfaces and their membranes are destroyed immediately, or over a short time. Because of this process, no “superbugs” can develop resistance because they are broken down on a cellular level.

    For Residential and Commercial Odor Elimination, Carpet Cleaning, and Water Extraction

    Our professional team is dedicated to providing cleaner, safer, healthier environments.

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